Students will be introduced to Python, a popular dynamic scripting language, to learn fundamental programming concepts.

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Course Description for Biology 105 online lecture.


The goal and mission for this course (and always) is to give students an understanding of biological concepts and working knowledge of the scientific process. The course is continuation of Biology 104 (General Biology, part 1), and is design to serve the needs of students majoring as biology, and non-science major as well. The content of this course is very relevant and provide to student’s firm foundation to core principles on which biology is founded. The course will cover topic like Genetic Basis of Life (Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance, Biology of genes, etc.), Evolution (Darwin’s theory, speciation and macroevolution, origin and history of life, taxonomy), Microbiology, Plant, Animal and Human Evolution and Diversity, and Behavior and Ecology (Behavioral ecology, population ecology, community and ecosystems). The course contains lectures, images, chapter outline, study guide, Assignments, and Media Study tools. Who I am, as an educator and author of the course, is a direct reflection what I have learn from my students. I have learned and been encouraged to learn more, teach better, and never stop questioning the world around me. Take a seat and enjoy the course!!!.

Course Description for Microbiology lecture course.

Students: welcome you to the amazing world of microbiology and study on living microbes and non-living organic agents like viruses, viroids, and prions. This well blended course, design to fulfill the needs of students majoring in allied health, nursing, and biology majors will introduce everything related to Life and Death of Microorganisms (their natural world, naming, and classification, chemical composition, structure, growth, and metabolism); Microorganisms and Human Health (the immune system, interactions, and responses and medications), and Infectious Diseases in organs and systems. To do well in this course students have to approach studies with the intent to understand the information rather to memorize it. Work to understand the various processes and learn the vocabulary required, not just to pass the course but to build a strong foundation of knowledge important in all aspects of daily llife. I hope you will enjoy the course. Good luck!