In this course of Human Anatomy and Physiology (Part I) both students and professor are now being confronted with an enormous accumulation and factual information. This course is intended to help students to unify information, stimulate critical thinking, and hopefully acquire knowledge about the wonders of human body. The course of Human Anatomy and Physiology encompass a body of knowledge that is large and very complex. Students will learn to know and understand multitude of individual structures and functions, to be able to "pull together" this information and to view the body as a whole - to see the big picture. The course is fully illustrated to clearly portray the concepts to study and successfully to complement the written information in the lecture notes. The course is a student-oriented lecture, prepared in a easy readable style, designed to motivate and maintain the interest. It is organized in units and chapters in units. It will cover everything related to the body as whole - from cellular and molecular level all the way to the complex structures, systems, organizations, and functions and communications. Each of the four major units of the course begin with brief overview statement, while each one chapter has chapter outline, key words and terminology, illustrations, review questions, case study, and chapter summary with test-yourself questions. Enjoy the course.